Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse: Tomorrowland

🌙🏹At the start of December, a full Moon and lunar eclipse unlocked the gate and let the fairies out. The strange new world opening up is still wet around the edges and unformed, but you've probably got to a place where you're ready to proceed [...]

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Gemini Full Moon Eclipse: Intro to the Jupiter/Saturn ‘Great Conjuntion’

🌕♊️ There is a partial eclipse coming with the Gemini full Moon on the 30th of November, and this means revelations coming to light, a change in thinking and a different approach to communication. This is a Lunar eclipse, where the Sun casts the Earth's [...]

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Aries Full Moon – Same but Different

The Aries full Moon on Friday Oct 2 (in Australia) highlights the way we deal with conflict, resolution and difference. Full Moons bring about a culmination or realisation and Aries is a sign that acts instinctively without too much thought. That’s not say Aries energy [...]

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Virgo New Moon – Calling in the Near Future

The new Moon in Virgo on Thursday night is in a lovely part of the sky. And although she’s not visible, you’ll see Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn shine at night and Venus at dawn. That’s quite a planetary feast from our tiny perspective on Earth, and something [...]

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Pisces Full Moon – The Feminine Rises

The Moon loves being in Pisces, and on Wednesday (in Australia) she comes joined by Mother Nature Goddess, Ceres and fully lit by the Virgo Sun opposite. Ceres is equally comfortable to express herself in either Virgo or Pisces, where she influences tides, cycles, natural [...]

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Aquarius Full Moon – Complacency is Out, Awareness is In

There is an Aquarian full Moon early on Tuesday morning making us feel social and chatty, ready to broaden our minds and challenge restrictions. During this Moon phase is a huge urge to Voice It - it’s impossible to ignore. What cuts deeper, is how the message [...]

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Cancer New Moon Eclipse and Solstice – We Are Growing Up

On Sunday the Moon shifts in line with the Sun at 0° Cancer and sends an eclipse sweeping over North Africa, Saudi Arabia Pakistan and North India, through China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Eclipses activate an unsettling energy to the places they touch. They awaken [...]

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Gemini New Moon

The new Moon in Gemini early Saturday morning brings a sense of stretching you arms and legs and poking your head out of the bunker. There’s a healthy respect for what was learned, and how adaptable  and resourceful we became over the last few months. [...]

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Scorpio Supermoon

It’s Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere, the time when nature drops its dead wood, prepares for winter and pulls the energy inwards, trusting there will be new growth in spring. We’ve a lot to reflect on. A lot to rebuild. Our country was on fire 5 [...]

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Aries New Moon – Brave New World

Aries New Moon Tuesday March 24 The new Moon on Tuesday night (in Australia) is at the pivot point of seasons where the balance adjusts and shifts, and we step through an invisible threshold. Fresh on Equniox, it’s an Aries new Moon, bringing new resilience, new beginnings, new [...]

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