🌙🏹At the start of December, a full Moon and lunar eclipse unlocked the gate and let the fairies out. The strange new world opening up is still wet around the edges and unformed, but you’ve probably got to a place where you’re ready to proceed with a different attitude and revised wish list.  A decision has been reached and you’re more aligned with the next step. That’s good, because the Sag New Moon early Tuesday morning (in Australia) brings a barrel of energy, seeding the narrative for the next 20 years.

It’s a Solar eclipse closely blended with Mercury and pivoted in crosshairs with dream planet Neptune. This means there is a shift, revelation or breakthrough in important communications. Something hidden gets your attention and a deeper level of understanding changes your ideas and perceptions about events in the past. This could involve siblings, agreements, memories or a long held belief that hooked you into a victim program – the untold story is being brought to wholeness and you can see things from a different angle. The last full Moon gave out the tools to rewrite the script and now we can lift a heavy blanket of grief, guilt or anxiety and change the channel.  For much of this year, the truth has been kept in quicksand, but this Sag eclipse lights up the mission statement and blasts you out of one reality and into a new mindset.

Within a week, Saturn and Jupiter will leave earth sign Capricorn, effectively breaking up with Pluto, and ending 2020’s astro domination of their combined transformational force. At Solstice, Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius, and form a planetary event known as a ‘Great Conjunction’, activating a cultural shift in consciousness and a new generation. (I’ll be going through what this means for your zodiac sign in the next vid). This Solar eclipse has Saturn – the God of consequence, restriction and responsibility, pressed up to the last degree of Capricorn at the edge of the new world in Aquarius . This is the acid test. It’s like going from an under-funded Dr Who series to a Star Trek galaxy far away. Beam me up. A new vision and perspective can slide into place … and then we step through into the Otherworld.

Neptune at the midpoint of the eclipse axis during this Moon has the role of gatekeeper, and like all thresholds – you need to give up something  before you can go on to the next stage. There’s a karmic element to this aspect, and a chance to replay an old pattern with a different result. There’s been plenty of evidence we are in transition – personally and collectively, but it’s hard to see the butterflies when you’re cocooned and blind to maximum possibility. It’s time to stretch your imagination and see beyond the ‘new normal’.

Stubborn resistance will be reeeelly painful, (think: self torture, regret and increasing isolation). Virgo and Pisces born second week of the month – it’s hard not to fall back into old habits but this opportunity calls on you to step up, out and beyond. Gripping tightly will only make you suffer and drain  energy.. but as you gain self control, the dynamic changes around you. Something inspired and refreshingly sincere can break through the hardest resentment or prickly stalemate.

Mars, back on a direct course has caught up with Eris in Aries  and this can really propel action: a swift turnaround, a reckoning, or confrontation that gets it all out of the way with the final word. The eclipse is revealing a stark truth and Mars and Eris make a formidable team to protect it from sinking. Promises and plans that fogged up in March can now be cleared up with conviction and a reset.

Meanwhile, over in Scorpio, there’s some really good news. Venus and Juno, the Queens of relationship, self worth and sovereignty, have joined together in a beautiful link to Jupiter and Chariklo in Capricorn. Right now these goddesses of love and marriage are pumped by Jupiter’s knack for good fortune, celebration and expansion, and in this eclipse phase, it’s more than just a purple patch. Financial speculations pay off, commitments come through, and importantly, this combo gives the blessing to announcements, weddings, partnerships, deal or agreements – then formalises the arrangements. Chariklo, is a medicine woman and cosmic soul mama who brings that spark of destiny, healing and wisdom to the journey and her steady guidance leads to the right choice.

Juno and Venus have a complicated history that meant they were often pitted against each other in the Greek Myths. But looking behind the scandals, jealousy and gossip they inspired, Venus and Juno are protectors of women, fertility and childbirth and are magicians of every kind of creative union – from polyamory and monogamy, to the weather, seasons and the skies. They call out toxic masculinity and gender inequality, and get justice for family violence. Together now on the edge of the new world, they are collaborating to empower a healthy feminine – masculine balance in all partnerships.

Everyone gets the love (and loving) vibe from these lucky stars, but Scorp, Taurus, Cancer and Pisces, and pretty much all cusp birthdays (born 18-23 of the month) are getting the full VIP treatment.

This eclipse asks for a deep breath and then it pulls you in flow towards love and an open heart. Unconditional love means loving the things that are hard to love… but don’t waste yourself on what hasn’t proved trustworthy or sustainable because it won’t work in this new phase. There is enough good learning here to break a cycle or rut and take in a more rounded, wholistic understanding of who you are without being crippled by a subconscious desire to stay small, stay victim, stay stuck. Tomorrowland can be lighter, brighter and with more freedom than we know what to do with, and Covid has taught us we’re all in it together, so it’s important we lift our collective stress response from survival of the fittest to ‘you’re only as strong as your weakest link’, to work in abundance and collaboration rather than as rivals in competition.

Our Sag new Moon takes us beyond a position of  limitation and opens the imagination for endless possibility .




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