Kinesiology is a holistic method of treatment that specifically accesses and releases stress on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. It combines a Western understanding of anatomy, physiology and psychology with Traditional Chinese Laws of Energy, acupoints, meridians and chakras. This is a gentle, non-invasive and powerful approach to healing that can have you living free from pain and open to your full potential.

How does it work?

By reading a simple muscle response, kinesiologists can identify the source of physical or emotional stress. The muscle response can reveal where self-sabotage and blocks occur, ‘circuits of stress’, subconscious desires, motivations and programs of the brain that may be locked in old patterns.

From there, the body itself directs the course of treatment, communicating what is out of balance and what is required to reset it. The corrections are anchored back into the body through acupoints or other techniques that ‘rewire’ your response to the original stress. Clients report they feel lighter, clearer and more ’connected’ after a treatment, and the effects are long-lasting, even life changing.

How can Kinesiology help me?

Kinesiology has an excellent reputation for the effective treatment of illness and other conditions:

  • Muscular aches and pains
  • Allergies, hormonal imbalances, fertility and nutritional problems
  • Treating fears and phobias

  • Treating the after-effects of accidents, abuse and trauma including post traumatic stress

  • Promoting clarity of thought and decision-making

  • Maximising potential and improving performance on all levels

  • Sexuality concerns

  • Relief from chronic pain and long-standing conditions such as depression, anxiety and addictions

  • Learning difficulties

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that supports and integrates other treatments you may be using including counselling, acupuncture, chemotherapy, chiropractic or western medicine.

I had a variety of back issues and had been using Chiropractic treatment for some time, but I’d reached a point where there seemed little gain. I knew a little about Kinesiology and decided to make an appointment with Merryl. This began a healing process which is still ongoing today. What I found was I began to deal with blocked emotions, and my healing from a structural point of view improved far more than my Chiropractor at the time expected. I was genuinely surprised at how much pain and anger I had kept and the way in which the body ‘stores’ such things. As I let go of these things my body’s health and wellbeing improved noticeably. Where I had been in lots of pain I found healing and restoration. Merryl is an inspiration to me and the results of her treatment are still evident in my life.
– NOEL N. –

How do online sessions work?

Online Kinesiology sessions can be hard to get your head around, but connecting up through a screen can still power a meaningful and effective exchange when meeting face-to-face isn’t an option. Merryl explains it further:

I’ve been doing online Kinesiology sessions for several years, and the energy and treatment transfers easily. Online consultations are really convenient when travelling, for my overseas clients, and for people who haven’t much time (many people take the session in their car). For those needing a rebalance, a reset or ongoing therapy, I’m able to muscle test at my end and direct energy through meridians and chakras while you complete the circuit at your end usually by holding acupressure points or running meridians with me. It is fairly standard practice in Kinesiology to use a surrogate – eg, when working with children, animals and in distant healing, so it’s not such a leap to work across the increasingly small distance of cyberspace. I love working with energy! (And we don’t have to have the camera on if you’re not up for that).

Want to learn more?

Merryl was fortunate enough to study under world-reknown Dr Charles Krebs whose own remarkable life journey snatched him from a career in science and lead him to develop some of the best primary research on Kinesiology, learning disabilities, multi–sensory integration, brain feedback and muscle response. Here he retells his amazing story and explains how Kinesiology works.

Bring balance, confidence and wellbeing back into your life, relationships and decisions.

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