🌕♊️ There is a partial eclipse coming with the Gemini full Moon on the 30th of November, and this means revelations coming to light, a change in thinking and a different approach to communication. This is a Lunar eclipse, where the Sun casts the Earth’s shadow on the Moon. The Sun, Earth, Moon lined up like this recalibrates our relationship with the Feminine/Internal  (Moon) and Masculine/external (Sun) and what is out of balance or suppressed gets activated as we literally face our shadow. We’ve been under the collective weight of Earth sign energy for years now , pushed to deal with the reality of our physical world – the environment, health, money, work. But this eclipse is shifting the cosmic plan into a cycle where the Air element rules.

Gemini is changeable, quick thinking and versatile – the first Air sign on the zodiac wheel, representing the child that emerges from the birth of fire/will (Aries) and earth/body (Taurus) who come before it. The Lunar eclipse this month releases the shadow of Gemini: where conversations happened in the dark; conspiracies, secret plans, deals and dodgy contracts flourished; or information got distorted and was used to manipulate. What is hidden comes forward, bringing disclosure, whistleblowers and truth with it. Gemini is helping us adapt while the fog clears and we realise we’ve entered a new land.

Geminis and Sag will be particularly ready to close a chapter and move on, while Pisces and Virgo need some courage and a bit of a nudge to step through, especially those born at end of the August and Feb.

Before we can really embrace the higher frequencies coming in, there’s an important planetary line up in Capricorn. It tail-ends a similar gathering in January – which coincided with a pandemic, an impeachment, a royal exile and an environmental catastrophe in Australia. This time, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Chariklo and Pallas have bunched together in a part of the sky that gives a ground swell of support to Gemini’s ruler Mercury during the full Moon. This opens an opportunity to reinvent, discuss solutions and tap into core truths. The eruption has peaked, the future lies waiting, and now we need solutions.

Goddesses Chariklo and Pallas bring some down-home common sense, skill and preparedness to take on the journey ahead. Chariklo is a mystical mid-wife medicine woman who nurtures the vulnerable at the crossroad while they transition. This helps us shed skins and injects some honesty, clarity and safe space while we change gears. Conversations and connections made Monday can reach a bullseye, turning a sore point into healing and acceptance. We are getting a tune-up. Mid-month Scorpios will find their charisma levels dangerously high, and their words can work like a magic charm (use it wisely). For others, it’s about getting something off your chest and having the right words and actions for it to not cross into judgement, guilt or blame. Nevertheless, there is an inevitability and an inner knowing where to adapt and regenerate.

We’ve been under the big-picture karmic dominance of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all year – acting like a demolition team on Capricorn’s societal constructs…. law, order, authority, business, governance. With this Moon we are reaching the culmination of their combined historic, life-changing influence. Jupiter and Saturn are calling last drinks before they head off, leaving Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 to finish the detox.  At Solstice (Dec 21) after the next new Moon, they move into Air sign Aquarius at the same time to form a rare and highly rated *Great Conjunction* and a seriously new era begins. Put the date in your diary because a bunch of loose threads all come together then and we flip into a new level.

A conjunction is when two or more planets are joined at the same point in the chart and they symbolise a new cycle – a transformation.  Every new moon is a conjunction – it’s the sun and moon at the same degree in the same zodiac sign. Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions have the special tile of being *Great* because they symbolise the change of Kings and authority figures, the expansion of boundaries, significant cultural shifts, and the pursuit of justice and truth.

Although Great Conjunctions happen every 19.5 years, the last time one happened in Aquarius was 1405 (615 years ago) and it saw in the fall of Constantinople, the end of the austere and orthodox Byzantine Empire and the subsequent birth of the Age of Enlightenment –  new technology and discoveries, art, science, progressive, inventive thinking that challenged the structures of power. Aquarius is a sign that values freedom, intelligence, equality and collaboration and a Great Conjunction is an auspicious entrance to the brave new world ahead.

In this context, we know we are going through something momentous and are travelling somewhere between hope and fear, mostly in one direction or the other. Neptune in Pisces has participated in dissolving truth and illusion in equal measure and now it’s being caught out by the Gemini/Sag nodes to bring the matter to a head. All mutable signs- Gem, Sag, Pisces and Virgo will be feeling on the precipice with this. Between now and early January, a crisis of faith might have you looking for new ideals (or new a Gods and Idols) or questioning what happened to your mind, your dreams or potential. Destiny is involved,  presenting a replay, a test or a detail you’d missed, resurfacing in time to allow a conscious choice on how to play your cards and rewrite the script. This full Moon can see through the veils of confusion attempting to claim reality and set you off with new instructions on how  to navigate the drama.

We are on the brink. The retrograde phase that started in March has rolled into forward motion and behind us is the sound of doors closing, doors slamming, doors busting open. This full Moon gets the conditions in place for what’s to come, gives us transition time and, as the wind picks up, we’ll be able to breathe in the new atmosphere.

 Raise your vibration.  Tie off loose ends. Adjust your thinking. Breathe.

We are getting  stocked up emotionally, psychically and mentally for a new cycle.




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