It’s Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere, the time when nature drops its dead wood, prepares for winter and pulls the energy inwards, trusting there will be new growth in spring. We’ve a lot to reflect on. A lot to rebuild. Our country was on fire 5 months ago, and a billion animals died while volunteers, families and communities bravely came together to try to stop the (largely man-made) destruction. Climate change was in our backyards and the smoke from the eucalyptus forests circled the earth several times, giving the globe a massive smudge.

Now with the Scorpio full Moon on Thursday night (8.46pm) we are in a transformative process of purge and release. We are digging deep to the core to find the strength to endure death and regenerate once again. And it’s there. The Moon is close to the earth, making it a Super Moon with more emotional intensity than usual. Rising huge in the sky, it’s an illuminated mirror of our eternal place in a much bigger plan, reflecting back the shadows so they can be cast out. This Moon doesn’t want us to miss a thing.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun and Mercury are together in Taurus where they examine the more practical elements of work, money, possessions, productivity and our feelings of self worth and reward in those areas. It’s a strong combination that highlights a conflict between duty, obligation and creative or sexual expression. There’s also an element of penetrating focus – a bullseye. What’s been hidden or fluffed over? What details need further investigation? What needs to be reined in? Taurus is famously not adaptable, but with the Sun and Mercury together for the Moon phase, there’s more speed, flexibility and variety with an increase in (physical) communication, travel and cash flow or supplies.

Feeding into the process, the Pluto /Jupiter machine is at the end of Capricorn, grinding up the last part of the physical and invisible institutions that built our current civilisation. Jupiter is adding a bit of turbo on the final spin cycle.  Pluto moved retrograde at the end of April and as this month wears on, more planets orbit back on themselves, meaning, their energy is stripped back so the underbelly and inner workings are exposed. Any significant external progress is drip-fed until September-December but it gives time to adjust to all the change.  Pluto/Jupiter are taking the garbage out, and banging the last bits stuck on the side of the bin.

In this Astro-weather, the Scorpio Super Moon will be busy filtering through any murkiness, family secrets, greed and corruption that surfaces. Scorpio can retaliate with disproportional force, but it’s job (like it’s ruler Pluto) is to drink enough poison until poison is transmuted to love. To be reborn after death. It is unequivocal. It gets to the truth, even if the truth is slippery.

Magical thinking is less popular in this Moon phase, and although dreamy Neptune is plugged in to the conversation, it’s supporting our intuition to be discerning and clarifying – giving us insight and knowingness at a deeper level. The answer you need may come through dreams, a hunch, a chance discovery or meditation. It’s also a great time for scrying (crystal ball gazing), stream-of-conscious creativity and synchronicity.

Venus in Gemini is restricting Neptune’s high tide of hope, so broken promises, unrequited love and empty gestures can push you to wake up and see reality. If you need that ‘final conversation’ to really make up your mind, you may be left hanging and it’s better to act on your own guidance. You have already seen what you need to see.

This Moon is more about the clearing the debris than starting fresh. There’s is a pocket of planets just ahead of Pluto/Jupiter activating the 0° Aquarius point that initiated lockdown when Saturn was here on March 23. Back then, Saturn’s entry into Aquarius restricted personal freedom for the greater good, and most of the world complied with Saturn’s Law. It also got us thinking about a collaborative approach, how to protect the vulnerable and how to access technology in a rapid learning curve.

Six weeks on, Asteroid Goddesses Pallas and Chariklo are at that same gateway between the material aspiration of Capricorn, and the global inspiration of Aquarius. Pallas is a complex Goddess who is still evolving as an archetype. She represents getting the job done. She is wise feminine reasoning – strategy, law, policy – not cold logic. She’s tough – she was born from Jupiter’s head, fully grown and armoured up for battle. Her contemporary archetype is the business woman, the policy maker, the working mother, women who wear a uniform. In Aquarius she is intellectual and strategic, weighing up the laws of civilisation and where the value system sprang leaks.

With Saturn, Pallas and Chariklo are opening up a new level of ‘civilisation’ – it’s faster, more multidimensional, wholistic – it’s like it suddenly makes sense now. Chariklo is crone energy and she shows up at crossroads to assist transition and rebirth. The symbolic reference is clear: we are passing through to a new cycle.

The Nodes have just changed signs and the collective is steered towards Gemini’s solution-based mental agility while the South Node, in Sag until Christmas 2021, is emptying out belief systems that stopped us growing. More outer planets will leave Capricorn in this time and the old ways of top-down empires will be as obsolete as floppy discs and telephones that plug into a wall.

This full Moon will reveal the cracks and vulnerability in relationships and attachments. It will also show where trust is well deserved, faith is upheld and where truth holds the centre. Scorpio is a penetrating energy who desires deep connection. It won’t settle for less because on a soul-level, Scorpio knows we will continue to shed skins and transform.

We are at the gateway and an inevitable ending is happening behind us. There’s no getting out of the fact that Nature will take its course and we will evolve or become extinct. Scorpio gives us the resolve of a homeopathic detox before we try to escape reality. Your worst fear becomes a source of strength. Embrace the shadow and it becomes light.