The new Moon in Gemini early Saturday morning brings a sense of stretching you arms and legs and poking your head out of the bunker.

There’s a healthy respect for what was learned, and how adaptable  and resourceful we became over the last few months. A lot has changed since the full moon in Gemini last November.

With the new Moon, Saturn, Pallas, Chariklo and Jupiter are all cheering us on through the paradigm shift as materialism gives way to social responsibility and leaders are forced to address the welfare needs of their constituents. This planet clump at the end of Cap/ start of Aquarius is supporting a shift in the way we connect and where solutions can be found from the ground up. If you have an issue, now is the time to talk about it because there is more understanding and wiggle-room to accommodate a new arrangement.

The Gemini flavour is amped up by a collective shift in focus. The karmic north node recently transitioned into Gemini after 18 months in Cancer (literally forcing us into our homes since March). Gemini wants intelligence and science-based knowledge. It wants to connect and exchange, and the freedom to learn more. One thing Gemini wants to discuss, is the burden faced by younger generations, and how to rewire the channels of communication so the same patterns can’t return.

In another positive, Ceres is joined by Mars in sensitive Pisces, and activated into life by Uranus in Taurus. This opens up the Moon phase to positive developments in transport, the movement of supplies, food, sea travel, compassionate travel, and a re-negotiation of space, borders and contracts. There is some flexibility and generosity on offer.

In the myth, Ceres (also know as Demeter), was the Goddess of all of nature – creative, wild, nurturing. She successfully negotiated with Pluto to exchange time with her daughter, who he had captured and held in the Underworld. The contract between them created the seasons of winter (while her daughter was away from her) and Spring when her daughter emerged to spend time in the upper world. So Ceres has come to represent seasons and cycles, times of fullness and plenty, balanced with times of grief and loss. Because of the current positive aspect between Mars, Ceres and Uranus, there is an opening for a new perspective, a breakthrough in the cycles that can hold up the process.

This could come in the form of wider use of alternative financial transactions – barter, exchange, airtasker, a temporary change to payments and debt. It might bring a boost to collaborative efforts and creative solutions that benefit health, welfare and the environment.

It can also indicate mental health issues becoming suddenly apparent, a breakthrough concerning healthcare (especially with lungs, breathing concerns and PPE) or action around people incarcerated in prisons, cruise ships and detention centres.

In terms of Covid, Mars/Ceres/ Uranus could also activate outbreaks of the disease because of the cyclic nature involved. The planets are in positive aspect so I expect any new action can be handled well with a compassionate outcome.

On the personal level, you might get a lucky break, or make a sudden move or change in environment – either physically or psychologically. Your routine may be altered to help a relative or to accommodate work patterns or a new relationship.

And now we come to the disclaimer. Hovering over this mostly benign set of exchanges, there’s a big wet blanket, and it unfortunately masks some nasty self interest.

Mercury is in home town of Gemini feeling like a superstar. It’s a new Moon, the North Node of possibility is in its sign -first time since 2003. Mercury is coupled with a retrograde Venus, dropping in the missing link on ex lovers, forgotten ideas, unfinished business. It makes us want to get out and about, try new things …the grass is greener..

But looming with an invisible threat is Neptune in Pisces, undermining thought process, dodging the truth, distorting words, agreements and pretty much failing at integrity. It’s a let down. Mercury square Neptune says one thing, and does another. It could concern an invasion of privacy eg. private data being sold or misused, a cyberattack or ‘fake news’. It can victimise, gossip and scapegoat and it’s the kind of energy where conspiracy theories get traction if you buy into them. ❤️Resist the dark forces❤️. Self interest – not ignorance- is certainly behind any glaring omissions, smokescreens or rubbery facts that surface with this Moon, and Neptune can be brutal when it’s cornered. The mask comes down and you get a glimpse of the monster beneath.

These are the conditions a virus can flourish, hidden, unseen in the confusion. The poison is still being flushed out by Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and we have to consider if the real “virus” is fear, greed and hatred. Seek the truth and if it smells dodgy, don’t stand in it.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, but it’s also the sign of the lovers. It’s job is to bring opposites together as independent beings who function as a whole. This new Moon is adjusting the balance of power so that division can be addressed. Collaborative solutions need a lot of transparency to succeed, and Gemini is making sure we know what we’re working with. It loves to learn and with Pluto’s blessing, the lesson with this Moon is about knowing when enough is enough. We don’t want a new normal, we want a better one.