Astrology can help you navigate your way through relationship patterns, get insight into health issues, boost your financial and career prospects, and give you the tools to get the timing right in big decisions. Get an overview of the year, and gain an understanding of what brings out your best, your worst and ultimately, what makes you YOU.

Merryl has 30+ years experience reading charts and has helped hundreds of people balance difficult planetary transits and challenges revealed in their birthchart.

“During a consultation, we go through your birthchart together and answer the burning questions. It can be a powerful therapeutic experience, helping to resolve confusion and understand your role from a big picture perspective. We also look at the year ahead to see how you can make the most of opportunities on the horizon and harness your true potential.”

“Astrology is an ancient symbolic language and a healing art.”


Astrological Kinesiology

Merryl’s passion for understanding energy systems and knowledge of Astrology lead her to explore ways to fully utilise and apply Astrology as a healing art, with the potential to change deeply imbedded stress responses on a physiological level. The research looked at mapping the astrological data of your birth chart to your body through the meridian system and using acupressure, sound and aculight therapy to balance the effects of planetary energy and the impact it has on your nervous system, behaviour and thought patterns.

As co-founder of Astrological Kinesiology, Merryl has helped hundreds of people to harness the positives of their destiny, balance and clear difficult planetary transits, family patterns and personal trauma from the information revealed in their natal chart, helping her clients resolve problem relationships, end sabotage and open to their true potential.

“Merryl’s Astrology reading was incredible. I don’t believe in Astrology and yet her reading took me by surprise when she spoke to me about reoccurring work challenges. We had an Astrological Kinesiology session that paid off big time. I began to attracted a different dynamic in the workplace and the people around me were quite nurturing – just the way I wanted them to be. I would highly recommend Merryl’s services as she is brilliant at interpreting the complexity in astrology charts which look like gobbledygook to me.”

Bring balance, confidence and wellbeing back into your life, relationships and decisions.

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