There is an Aquarian full Moon early on Tuesday morning making us feel social and chatty, ready to broaden our minds and challenge restrictions. During this Moon phase is a huge urge to Voice It – it’s impossible to ignore. What cuts deeper, is how the message will be delivered. The planets are testing our ability to move past debates of good vs evil and find innovative, creative ways to deal with conflict. Aquarius makes it easier to try something different, and the Sun opposite in Leo thinks it’s best to put ego aside and open the heart with courage and self confidence. Good plan. Will it stack up?

Uranus is at the mid point of the Sun and Moon, in Taurus. (This is a T square). Uranus is the planet of disruption, revolution and sudden change. When it’s expressed through Taurus, an earth sign,  the foundations of security and traditional values get challenged. In this position, Uranus is causing major friction to the Sun and Moon. The balance between the head and the heart, or what you want vs what you need is getting a shake up and a new set of rules. The wound of rejection and abandonment is brought to the surface, and with it, an urge to make meaningful connections and find a social tribe of shared values. Complacency is out and awareness is in.

The Moon in Aquarius can cut off the emotions, preferring to think (rather than feel) it’s way through life with strategies and solutions. But the pressure from Uranus gives a voice to those unfelt emotions – and a body response where your self worth feels under attack. It has a splintering effect that falls somewhere between being crystal clear and oversharing. Tuning into the flexible, generous spirit of Aquarius/Leo stabilises the shock enough to see where true connection is maintained and bring you back to center. Taurus peeps born beginning of May could find a sudden shift in circumstances, a breakthrough, unusual news or pressure to break the routine or a one sided relationship. Early November Scorpio’s will also get a jolt, almost channeling the words that need to be said.

Over in Capricorn, we still have the Big Three gangbusters – Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, now in a bit of biff with Mars and Mercury. Mars is accompanied by Lilith (feminine primal power) and Mercury shares the space with the Goddess Vesta – the keeper of the eternal flame of Spirit. All of them bring passion and commitment to the cause.. but up against Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, we are asked to raise our personal power to a level that benefits others. Our individual worth impacts the whole picture and more and more people are stepping into the frame. A recent example is the Wall of Moms in Portland, forming a linked-arm barrier to protect BLM protesters from US Federal Enforcers in Portland.

The Goddess influence on Mars and Mercury brings a purity and cleansing to all aspects of communication – and words have a lot of energy now to provoke action for better or worse. In this same Moon phase, blank ‘silenced’ placards are being displayed in Hong Kong by protesters -the response to new laws prohibiting expression and the path to democracy. These tough aspects with Mars and Mercury are part of the resistance – a voice that won’t be silenced. The kickback could be harsh but it is unlikely to break the truth.

In the midst of the exchange, Neptune is a guiding light. It offers service and sacrifice from the sidelines, calls encouragement and lifts the spirits. It is reaching out, keen to keep hope alive, and feel the magic in the air as old definitions dissolve around us. There’s also a beautiful link between Venus and the North Node in Gemini that melts a few hearts, finds creative solutions and shows difference does not have to mean opposition. It’s poetry and Gemini’s and Cancerians born around the solstice in June are the especially lucky ones with romantic conversations reaching a deeper level of intimacy.

Aquarius Moon’s have a way of pulling us into a group energy. They amp up a sense of unity and enthusiasm and have us looking forward, not back. We still can’t see too far into the future, but it’s ok to peg your place in the picture to be seen and heard. Complacency is out. Awareness is in.

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