On Sunday the Moon shifts in line with the Sun at 0° Cancer and sends an eclipse sweeping over North Africa, Saudi Arabia Pakistan and North India, through China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Eclipses activate an unsettling energy to the places they touch. They awaken and realign. If something is out of balance, an eclipse can make an adjustment that shifts the power around.

The 0° degrees is significant because Cancer is the sign of the Mother and 0° is like an amplification, or breakthrough point of her energy. It marks Solstice, the day of longest darkness for us in the Southern Hemisphere, and longest daylight in the Northern Hemisphere. Although Cancer is protective, nurturing and sensitive, this is the force of the Divine Feminine and she is birthing in the tides of Cancer’s psychic and unconditional depth.

This New Moon stirs an emotional response, from the heart, the home, the earth. There is a persistence and resilience driving the undercurrent. 0° Cancer awakens the Mother instinct to love without fear and fight for what she loves. This might mean you open up to someone who cares and the relief of feeling understood changes your view on an old wound. It can turn self criticism into self pride and self love. It lets you nurture yourself on all levels.

The tension that erupted over the last Moon phase is now ready for emotional honesty and recognition of past hurts. Saturn – ruler of law, convention and structure is under scrutiny during the eclipse phase, and what was considered regular, routine and necessary, is now viewed through a different lens.

Eclipses offer a shift in time, a crossroad between history and future potential. Our current situation includes a climate crisis, Covid19, protests for justice and a global economic downturn. Internally, our current situation shows passion, hope, inner strength, community, connectedness. The Heart.

Saturn is in a position to try out something unconventional – perhaps involving technology, education or collaborations, to bridge the gap and explore new thinking, ideas and ideals. It’s a test phase, but by the end of the year the lines of accountability will be redrawn. The outer planets will continue to dismantle top-down power structures, expose limiting social beliefs and address cultural misconceptions …. but the seeds are sown.

One of the keys to reading the room of this eclipse is the amount of retrograde planets turning the power inwards and plugging into root causes.  Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th, and Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have all turned themselves to the internal process of reflection and assessment. It’s a bit like going into lockdown. This could have you examining your aspirations, commitments and responsibilities – perhaps with a new-found inner strength to make the changes you need for balance and wholeness.

By the time Neptune turns back on June 23, the soul is really searching for answers. Mars is still within range to act as a protective shield (or a smokescreen for BS), but the message is getting through that rigidity or a lack of transparency will invoke a “visceral” response to break the standoff. Body signals and intuition will give your best advice.  Mars /Neptune in its lower vibration is deceptive, slippery and overwhelming. When it aims higher, it’s acts of kindness, empathy, and spiritual connection – the boundaries dissolve. Use the love vibe and aim for a higher form of protection, better outcomes.

Retrogrades give us the chance to retrace our steps and see if we would do things differently. They give us time to adjust our inner compass to a new frequency.  And that’s what’s going on – on a personal and collective level. We won’t have significant external evidence until the retrogrades finish from September, but a huge amount of transformation is being incubated in Cancer’s birthing process. This new Moon is nurturing a seed with new life and a new set of rules. In December, a lineup with Saturn and Jupiter integrates the threads into being and a new 20 year cycle begins. The last one was in May 2000 and now those millennials will come of age. We are growing up.

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