The new Moon in Virgo on Thursday night is in a lovely part of the sky. And although she’s not visible, you’ll see Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn shine at night and Venus at dawn. That’s quite a planetary feast from our tiny perspective on Earth, and something this new Moon wants to draw attention to. From detail to big picture, this Moon is throwing it out there to get the connections right and see your place in a new future.

Virgo is an earth sign that expresses herself through practical service and she is signalling a surge in interest in those areas. She rules health, plant medicine, diet and exercise – as well as the systems, research and analysis they are based on. She has the precision of a surgeon, and the adaptability of a working mum – but she’s also sensitive and finely tuned. In this Moon phase, she’s not so likely to sweep things under the carpet or ignore the signs. There’s planetary support to cut beneath the surface and get to the nitty gritty of an unhealthy pattern or core resentment.

Virgo is the Marie Kondo of the zodiac and this Moon phase involves a declutter and reset. The new Moon sits at the midpoint of the north and south node, opposite each other in Gemini and Sagittarius. This is a tipping point, so something has to give – and it doesn’t need to be painful, Really, there’s a soft landing if you trust your gut and work towards simple outcomes. The big picture will open up.

The cleansing, purifying energy of Virgo is given the 3 phase power treatment from the planet gangbusters in Capricorn – Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. These big guys are making a positive impact in that, there’s more clarity and less attachment to hold on to an outdated point of view or stubborn tactics. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are amplifying where the system is broken, and Virgo is coming up with the facts, the detail and the practical solutions.

The gangbusters are also recharging a sentimental mood in Neptune, who is comfortable in hometown Pisces, opposite the Virgo Sun and Moon. Neptune can distort reality, but in this instance I expect any conflict you experience will be in the form of a smokescreen, denial or sweet talk. Virgo Moon’s have the intelligence to cut the crap, but Neptune is also softening the blow of any criticism and judgement and allowing compassion and forgiveness to be part of the conversation. Even if you find yourself looking back at the past with a glint of yearning, there is a common sense call to take a new road. Saggies and Gemini’s born around the 14 – 17th of the month have an important choice to make about embarking on a new direction or revising something you had to put aside (potentially since 2011). This moon will help with your decision.

The pressure is lifting and the air is clearing. But there is still a communication block or restriction coming from Mercury in Libra, who has locked horns with Jupiter, Pluto,Saturn inc. The God of Messages, Contracts and Communication has run out of patience with a long standing situation and isn’t looking for compromise anymore. This could involve legal matters, work or financial agreements, and the relationships binding them. It might be a case of agree to disagree, or accept the terms offered so that you can make a clean break and a fresh start.

In a similar theme, Uranus in Taurus is in a tough aspect with Venus and intruding into expectations and priorities in relationships. Last Moon we saw Venus being stonewalled by the dirty three – Jupiter Pluto Saturn Inc, and her love vibe was spread thin under competing demands and conflicting schedules. Now she needs her ‘Me time’. Leo’s born around the beginning of August are especially in need of pampering and breaking the routine. Some of you could lash out with the credit card or overindulge in some way but with Virgo in the leading role this Moon, self care can be just as simple as a spending time with your pet or fresh sheets on the bed.

Frustration and division is also being egged on by another power trio in Aries – Mars, Lilith and Eris. At the full Moon last month, we saw Mars flanked by these independent and forthright Goddesses, intent on bringing a feminine voice to the directed focus Mars’ idea of competition and conflict. They are awakeners, truth seekers – women who know their worth and express it as a birthright. On September 10th, Mars turned retrograde and began the journey retracing his passage over old ground (…. and the Aries landscape can be wild, lonely and battle scarred) to reflect on and integrate the influence of the feminine power embodied by Lilith and Eris. It’s not until the first week of January 2021 that Mars clears the slate, so it’s tricky for action or progress to get traction for the rest of this year. In the meantime, gather new tools, new strategies and a more flexible, wholistic approach to going after what you want.

There are currently seven planets retrograde right now – Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres and Chiron are all peeling back the layers and checking fine print while the tide is out and the mood becomes introspective.

The old way of going in hard isn’t going to work. If there is a retreat and re-group – that’s ok. Virgo can bring the details together on a cosmic spreadsheet and remind you to check in with a therapist, pull out your yoga mat or clear up a misunderstanding with a friend. Consider a delay beneficial for the big picture to slide into place and do a checklist to organise your priorities. The full Moon in two weeks might test your foundations but you won’t lose sight of the goal if you clear a space now.

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