The Moon loves being in Pisces, and on Wednesday (in Australia) she comes joined by Mother Nature Goddess, Ceres and fully lit by the Virgo Sun opposite. Ceres is equally comfortable to express herself in either Virgo or Pisces, where she influences tides, cycles, natural resources and the earth, so in this Moon she holds a leading role. There’s a blend of vulnerability, safety and service to the higher good, so you might find yourself being a shoulder to cry on or helping out a work mate who has opened up to you.

Ceres is the Goddess of the Harvest who commanded a lot of respect back in the day. She was able to negotiate a deal with a Pluto to release her daughter from the Underworld. ….. And she turned the world to Winter while she waited for her release.

Since 2005 when Pluto‘s “planet” status was downgraded to dwarf planet by the International Astronomy Union, Ceres shares equal rank with her old foe and created a celestial balance of power between them. In a sign o’ the times, Pluto (the God of Death, wealth and oppression) has to work with Ceres / Mother Nature on equal terms. The feminine rises.

So with Ceres’s inclusion, any likelihood of feast or famine can be balanced between the Virgo Sun’s adaptability and knack for practical solutions, with the nurturing and protective idealism of the Pisces Moon. This combo raises the random-acts-of-kindness level and tunes our sensitivity to enjoy daily activities and simple pleasures.

Uranus is retrograde in Taurus and you might find with hindsight, some of the shocks and disagreements in the last month, appeared worse than than the reality. That also might be because you’ve adapted to any shaky ground better than you thought. Well done you. Uranus is giving out silver linings that make it ok to let go of some of the old comforts (hmmm… like addictions, bad relationships, unhealthy routines) and rewrite the script. The aspect brings new attitudes and a willingness to try new ways. It’s a freedom machine, but the freedom this Moon highlights is feeling that you have enough to cover all you need, including a surprise new trust in your own inner strength and resources.

Mercury has put communication on the defensive over the last month. It set up situations where you had to make yourself Very Clear, persevere and wait for results. Now it’s in a position to get down to detail and bring something to the table. Virgos born around September 15th get lucky with this one, and might find some positive feedback coming your way, thumbs up on a project or commitment, or support for the big picture vision. Aim for an uncluttered view and then write it, say it, try it – it will come.

Neptune is still causing a bit of blur on Mercury’s information, so there’s a need for due diligence. Check the fine print and listen for what’s not been said as much as what’s been stated. A stalemate is breaking open and although flexibility is an advantage, you won’t have to bend your plans, words or actions into a one-sided battle with this full Moon.

We can’t go further without bringing in our 3-phase power planets, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn who are shredding through Capricorn, with historic social change in their wake. Unfortunately, they are trolling Venus during this Moon phase and pushing back against a resistance from Mars, Eris and Lilith in Aries. This is a T square and Venus, in the Mother Protector sign of Cancer is in a face-off and outnumbered by the ganglords.

Venus knows her worth and is unlikely to buckle, but it means some of you may be called to protect what you love, to choose between work and family, or to strike out independently without the backing of traditional sources. Those born around mid April and July are really feeling the heat to bust out of the box. Venus in Cancer is clever, articulate and resourceful, but this is significant pressure from external forces to ‘do the right thing’.  Cancer ultimately wants to care for others, but (echoing Cere’s theme) Venus has to learn how to do that without manipulation or drowning in a sea of everyone else’s emotional needs. She needs space. This seems to be the point Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are making, and a tense negotiation of space is playing out in personal relationships.

The frustration builds in Aries with the Mars/Goddess group craving a 180° change yesterday. Eris and Lilith are Goddesses of awakening the truth and they have been journeying with Mars, who is very masculine – direct, combative, focussed. We talked about Mars, Eris and Lilith last time – they are currently the only planets in masculine signs. Every other planet during the full Moon phase is in a feminine sign.

This places Mars like the Lone Ranger in his home town of Aries, watching a welcome redistribution of the landscape by the sisterhood. Mars in Aries is being attuned to a softer, more inclusive form of combat, where domination is not the goal. The abundance of all this feminine energy comes at a time when we need our passion to be infused with nurturing and our strength to protect the vulnerable. Mars has been fixed on a “Me First” world, and this Moon helps integrate that imbalance into a “Me Too” world.

To be honest, all of this is a bit too much activity for Pisces to flow, so our Pisces Moon might have you ducking under the covers to escape the madness. Despite the pressures from outside, this is a sweet spot to get values, beliefs and daily life lined up. Realisations, insights and new perspectives merge into practical outcomes with this Moon. The heightened sensitivity of Pisces is not looking for approval or willing to be victim. She has a strength. There is a genuine opportunity to adopt a new vision and feel there are others with you this time, to see the light emerging.

Enjoy the beauty in simple pleasures and know your individual contribution is creating a better world.

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