Kinesiology, Tarot, Astrology or a combination to suit your needs. Online and in-person sessions available in St Kilda, Melbourne.

Merryl Key

“Hi, I’m Merryl Key. I’ve been practicing in Melbourne for more than 30 years, with thousands of happy clients. I now offer a worldwide service online in addition to in-person sessions. Try Kinesiology, Tarot, Astrology or a combination – it really helps to get to the core issue and open a path forward.”

I have been a client of Merryl’s for fifteen years; she is a talented practitioner, who has helped me through some of my darkest and most challenging times. Merryl instils a sense of peace and reconnection through her powerful application of a range of modalities.
– ALEX M. –
To be completely understood, acknowledged and nurtured. Merryl has been for me the air that I needed when I can’t breathe and the shift I have sought when I am frozen. She brings space to my life. Funny, practical, true and always exactly what I need.
Merryl has a true gift and such a wonderful healing, open and caring nature. My sessions have really changed my life, helping me to deal with issues in the present and also to look forward and gain a greater understanding about what I am really here on this earth for. Thank you Merryl.
– ROSE S. –

Bring balance, confidence and wellbeing back into your life, relationships and decisions.


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