The Aries full Moon on Friday Oct 2 (in Australia) highlights the way we deal with conflict, resolution and difference. Full Moons bring about a culmination or realisation and Aries is a sign that acts instinctively without too much thought. That’s not say Aries energy is unstrategic or ill-conceived. It’s more that decisions come easily to Aries, and they are brave in spearheading a path forward. But not so fast.. there are some below-the-surface rumblings that might have you rethinking your approach. Wherever you have Aries in your chart, you’ll be experiencing a search for truth and meaning, questioning where you lost yourself in relationships and hankering to assert your authentic presence.

We know this is a process of acceptance and integration because our Aries full Moon is tightly placed with Chiron – the soulful sage, mentor and medicine man of Astrology. Chiron is a misfit – part horse, part human, who became an expert in the healing arts (including Astrology). He represents the wound of abandonment and rejection, but paradoxically reveals the personal strength, courage and compassion that develops through suffering. His energy works on a shamanic level: the call to go deeper into pain and transmute it to a place of acceptance. Librans, you need to really find the balance here and extend forgiveness to included yourself. This aspect brings a powerful opportunity to have a go at reaching out or building a bridge to something or someone you thought was lost or unfixable. There’s no guarantee of the outcome, but your soul is pressing you to do it for your own peace and integrity.

This dovetails into our headline feature with this Moon: Mars – God of War, Action and Competition. We know from the previous posts Mars is retrograde in own territory (Aries) and accompanied by Goddess’s Lilith and Eris. They are women who got a bad rap for refusing to bow down in subservience to masculine dominance. They were banished and ridiculed but it didn’t stop their conviction. The Astro landscape has drawn them out of exile to walk with Mars and heal some of the rift, balance the masculine to feminine power and find common goals.

Lately Mars has been blocked from fully expressing himself in a standoff with the Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn machine. Mars is undergoing a transformation. This process can leave us feeling flat and a bit hopeless. Motivation drops and we aren’t sure where we are aiming anymore. Blocked Mars energy can have you steaming under the collar and poking the bear, or wanting to withdraw totally and avoid confrontation. Either is fine if you allow Mars to develop a new way to approach conflict and division.
Neptune in Pisces is still detoxifying the buildup being minced by Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn and allowing some humanity into the harshness of the restriction they represent. Saturn is favouring a just outcome and even a ray of hope. At this stage nothing is set in stone, and that’s way it should be. New information is emerging and a shift in perspective comes with it.

We look to Uranus for breakthrough and change – the shakeup. Over the next three weeks Uranus will be getting to the heart of a communication issue, perhaps pushing into some core vulnerabilities or revealing powerful non-verbal cues and ‘unspoken’ connections that join the dots. See what needs to be seen with honesty. Uranus will be triggering Mercury, in the deep water of Scorpio where messages are emitting from the subconscious as psychic sensations and synchronicity.

Accompanied by Juno, the asteroid Goddess and Queen of the Heavens, Mercury could bring news, announcements or the missing piece of the puzzle. The Uranus spark can also aggravate a difference of opinion, put pressure on a commitment or bring a sudden change of mind or direction – especially around October 9-10. Mercury turns retrograde on October 14th (and stays that way until November 3) so there’s more details around October 18-19 with a clean slate by the Scorpio new Moon mid November.

Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarians born in the first week of the month will be prodded well awake with this Uranus/ Mercury interaction. Leos, Pisces, Cancer, Capricorns and Virgo born at the beginning of month have luck on their side, good news or progress. Leo’s are in for some extra love with heartwarming, soul nourishing praise or recognition – your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Aries is a pioneering energy and often goes it alone. This Moon gives you 5 star rating for the work done in introspection, the healing that’s happened internally and the courage it took to grow beyond the scars of a painful conflict. The Spiritual Warrior emerges with this Moon and we are seeing we are all Spiritual Warriors who share the same pain. We are more connected than we are different.
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