?Aries New Moon? Tuesday March 24

The new Moon on Tuesday night (in Australia) is at the pivot point of seasons where the balance adjusts and shifts, and we step through an invisible threshold.

Fresh on Equniox, it’s an Aries new Moon, bringing new resilience, new beginnings, new direction. We’ve been fully smashed by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January with bushfires and COVID19,  and now there’s a breakthrough into a brave new world.  Something new is seeding, and you might worry if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I trust Aries – it’s pioneering and forward focussed, independent and self reliant. These are all good qualities, and the Moon has gathered some unique warrior spirit around her. We are evolving into a new form and we need more than survival skills. The Moon is developing the faith and purpose to see it through.

We said earlier this month that Chiron and Lilith would be influential archetypes this year –  awakening spiritual purpose, bringing forth new leaders and putting issues of ethics, justice and equality into the arena. They challenge the culture and beliefs of the status quo and what we take for granted. Lilith and Chiron are with the Sun and Moon on Tuesday night, holding the midpoint of the karmic axis (the North and South nodes), igniting a flame of possibility from plain truth. They are asking us to choose wisdom over emotion and fear.

This is new territory and it’s making things very strange. Mercury and Uranus are also plugged into the node’s reverberations, and the timing could be right for a breakthrough or announcement, a silver lining from an unusual source. It might be in healthcare, technology or communications. If you think how much has been saved in carbon emissions since the covid virus shut down air travel, factories and cars on the road. There are dolphins in the canals of Venice, ducks in the Trevi fountain. You know the planet is finally getting a break from us – that’s one silver lining.

Aries is the first sign and rules the self – the impetus to act alone. Both Chiron and Lilith are lone wolf types, but they are also very protective of community and readily share their knowledge and experience. They make us look at alternatives, learn new ways, develop inner strength and an open mind. They both have a sting in the tail – meaning they learn and grow through their suffering, but their magic power is to dissolve divisions and unite opposing forces. They embody duality, and this changes perspective from a position of ‘otherness’, to ‘oneness’. Our view of what we thought we were, or what we thought possible is transforming.

And then there’s the Cap cluster. Bunched at the end of the sign in the final overhaul of Capricorn, we have Pallas, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, Chariklo and Saturn, all about to trip over each other as they  make the move into Aquarius.  It’s not all panic, though the energy can escalate quickly, because there is really strong support from Venus in her natural home of Taurus and Neptune on home turf in Pisces. They are bright lights of hope – finding beauty in the everyday, being of service, being grateful, seeing humour and generally finding ways to lighten the load. This could come in the form of practical support, financial bailouts, donations, supplies opening up and even employers doing the right thing by their employees. There’s more energy for connection, collaboration and loyalty in relationships than there is for self serving or insincere actions.

Again, the shape of the chart is held within one hemisphere (except for Juno mid Libra), suggesting a protective shield and containment for this moon phase. We’re not saying we are out of the woods, but there is more solidarity emerging from the havoc. We are strong, we are many, but without accepting difference and having compassion for others, we are nothing.

On Sunday, Saturn will be released from the restrictions of Capricorn’s of earth-bound reality and start to entertain the Aquarian themes of how we fit into the collective, how we protect freedoms and access, institutions that support community connection, and technology that sets a level playing field. The balance is being pulled towards the reset button and there is some Aries determination behind it. We are learning how to work together as one. Go team.