Astrology Interest Group September 2014

Hell Yea

Held 6.30-8.30pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
Venue: 4/5 Belford St. St Kilda
Cost: $20 Bring your birthchart or call Merryl on 0403020161 for details.

Dear All
Grab scuba gear, flippers and a mop for this first part of September as the full moon on the 9th in supersensitive Pisces  crosses over Neptune and peaks a few hours later in the same position as Chiron – the Shamanic Healer. The effect is like a huge cosmic sponge soaking up fog, emotion and memories to reveal not only the distortions and painful wound beneath, but the path towards acceptance, healing and forgiveness. Dreams, visions and talking to your guides will make more sense than anything else at the moment, but there are other forces at work that might make you bold, impulsive or indulgent, so – like Chiron, it’s all about integrity, staying centred and using power wisely.”When in deep water become a diver”.
Happily, interest in Spiritual study, astrology and alternative healing are sparked with this moon, as is the power to help and connect with others: That makes Astrology Interest Group on Wednesday September 10th the best gig in town and ideally placed to see how these fantastic archetypal energies relate to your own purpose and soul path.

Love to hear how Chiron has opened your own shamanic journey at The Astrology Interest Group, meeting next Wednesday September 10th from 6.30 – 8.30pm at Fab New Venue 4/5 Belford St. St Kilda. Tea and bickies provided.

And a small plug: There is now a Merryl Key Kinesiology Facebook page – I post astrology info and other news on it so press like if you like and share the love.xx

See you Wednesday evening.
Love Merryl Key

All welcome but please RSVP by text or email to  Merryl if you’re coming.