Dear All,

The Full moon on the night of August 10 marks the curtain call  of the Cardinal Grand Cross that dominated the first half of the year and squeezed the truth out of all your hiding places. We’re not done with the series of Pluto/ Uranus squares but It’s ok to come out from under your rock and let a bit of sun warm your new skin. Venus, Chiron and Saturn are all in water signs making a big triangle in the sky: it’s a gentle and supportive energy to look after yourself and balance your emotions against your pressing need to ‘get it done’. It’s a symbol if the wounded feminine getting recognition and protection. Look after your sisters!

Jupiter, the planet of expansion who loves to travel and experience other cultures and broader visions has moved into Luxy Leo for 12 months. Its time to shake your mane and expect more from your relationships and position. Its time for largess. Its time for recognition. Over the next 12 months it’s time to Roar.  There is nothing left to fear so start ruling from a place of sovereignty.

Love to hear what you have to roar about at The Astrology Interest Group, meeting next Wednesday August 13 from 6.30 – 8.30pm at Fab New Venue 4/5 Belford St. St Kilda.The cost is $20 and you are guaranteed to have a laugh and learn something new. Bring a friend, and your birthchart – tea and biscuits provided. Text me on 0403020161 with your details if you have a question or need a birthchart .

See you Wednesday evening.
Love Merryl Key xo

All welcome but please RSVP by text or email to  Merryl if you’re coming.