St Kilda Kinesiologist Merryl Key and special guest,

Sound Healer/ Vocal Coach, Nick Stamatiou present a practical guide to Sound Healing


11am – 3.30 pm Sunday October 12 2014
@ Merryl Key Kinesiology
4/5 Belford Street. St Kilda.
Special offer, just $60 – Like the new Merryl Key Kinesiology fb page

Sound Healing is a beautiful, clean method of shifting stress and energy blocks in all situations – during pregnancy, studying for exams, giving first aid to your pets, recovering from surgery or illness, or as part of your personal daily ritual to ‘keep yourself tuned’. And you don’t need to be a singer to get the best results.
From affirmations, chanting and toning to singing bowls and sound baths, Sound Healing is a really effective drug-free way to treat your physical, psychological and spiritual health. It can even be used safely on children, babies and pets.
The Tune In workshop includes practical Sound Healing demonstrations and instruction from special guest Nick Stamatiou, who brings 20 years of knowledge and experience working with toning, breathwork and harmonics. You will learn how to use your voice as a tool for Sound Healing, including:

• Whole body listening
• The power of vowels and the language of timbres: how to ‘tone’ to treat specific conditions
• The ‘siren scan’ for detecting where in the body is out of balance and identifying the sound to redress it.
• The difference between Universal frequencies and finding your own tone
• An amazing technique for cancelling out acute pain that works in seconds!

You will also have time to practice simple but powerful techniques that can:
• Significantly reduce inflammation, stress, aches and pains, like period pain, arthritis, sprained ligaments.
• Improve organ function and support the gland system by ‘toning’ into meridians and acupoints
• Bring pain relief and assist the body during pregnancy and birthing
• Balance chakras by using colour and sound

The Tune In workshop will suit anyone with a fascination or resonance to the healing power of sound. It would also be a tremendous resource to those looking for drug-free choices to managing chronic pain and illness; Energy workers/students; midwives and doollas; dancers, athletes and carers.

As a special offer to celebrate the launch of the Merryl Key Kinesiology Facebook page, The Tune In workshop will cost just $60.

When: 11am – 3.30pm Sunday October 12 2014
Where: Merryl Key Kinesiology, 4/5 Belford St. St Kilda.
Bring: Writing paper and pen, wear comfy clothes.
Cost: Special offer $60

RSVP: Limited numbers! Book your place with Merryl 0403020161 or
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