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Life on Mars: Astrology Interest Group 6.30 – 8.30 Wednesday November 12th

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The eclipse at zero degrees Scorpio 2 weeks ago released the last vestige of your former self, represented as a magical Phoenix rising from the transformational flames of life, death and rebirth. Ahem.. no one said it would be easy and by the time we meet for our Astrology Interest Group on Wednesday the 12th we will be in the midst of a Martian invasion that pours Avgas on your Phoenix and launches new ‘rockets of desire’ erupting from the carcass of the old ways.

The month is defined by a Movember meeting of the key astro representatives of the Patriarchy: Mars is our action planet – masculine, rowdy, competitive, impulsive and hungry… and currently traveling through Capricorn, where he demands respect and new territory. On Tuesday 11th our God of War (Mars) meets with Pluto, the God of Death, detonating all that has been stewing in the underworld. On Thursday 12th he fires shots at Uranus (who is a bit like an aspergic despot) and it may not be till January before the aftershocks subside. Helpfully, Neptune moves forward on Sunday 16th, breaking through any distorted vision, and Venus leaves the introspection of Scorpio for the wide open spaces of Sagittarius – liberation, freedom, self belief….
So basically, the story for November is: what has been suppressed (Pluto) will become active and conscious (Mars) and what is unaligned to integrity and ‘inner authority’ will be held to account by ‘outer authority’ (Capricorn). Then you will be in new territory (Sagittarius) . The Full Moon in Taurus last night sat opposite the deep heart of Scorpio, boring into the guts of the soul and continuing the snake dance as you claim your new form and test out new levels of self worth…. May the force be with you.

War War What is it good for. Come and see what Mars can do for you at the Astrology Interest Group on November 12th. See you Wednesday evening.
Love Merryl Key

Held 6.30-8.30pm next Wednesday November 12th.
Venue: 4/5 Belford St. St Kilda
Cost: $20 Bring your birthchart or call Merryl on 0403020161 for details.
All welcome but please RSVP by text or email to Merryl if you’re coming.

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