Astrology Interest Group October 2014


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Full Moon + Eclipse = Astrology Interest Group 6.30 – 8.30 Wednesday October 8th

This month we meet by the light of the earth’s shadow cast on a blazing Full moon in Aries – thats pretty auspicious for starters, but this eclipse is all about getting motivated, independent and doing – being – instead of dreaming and hoping things will get better. The Sun Earth and Moon are lining up so you can shift your perspective and get truly connected to a place of self acceptance and worth. There’s been so much Cosmic tough love in the last few years that its been hard to know what was healing and what was hurting. Now you know. You might be looking back to what felt hopeless or unattainable in April this year (and 1995…) and be ready to put those issues to rest, especially with relationships and finances. A lot of ground has shifted, skins shed and chrysalids opened in the past six months.
Mercury is retrograde (oct 4) and Uranus is bullseye on the Moon for the eclipse so the Universe will be raining down signs and signals, chance meetings, insightful dreams all through October. With the Uranian influence, a big reminder to is to Trust… Uranus is the ‘higher octave’ of Mercury and brings all sorts of disruptions and unexpected outcomes. If things don’t go your way keep a cool head and let the universe work it out because She is certainly doing you a favour.

Come and see what the Aries full moon and eclipse will open for you at the Astrology Interest Group on October the 8th. See youWednesday evening.
Love Merryl Key

Held 6.30-8.30pm next Wednesday October 8th.
Venue: 4/5 Belford St. St Kilda
Cost: $20 Bring your birthchart or call Merryl on 0403020161 for details.
All welcome but please RSVP by text or email to  Merryl if you’re coming.

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