Astrology Interest Group meets next Wednesday March 11


The stage is set for the Final Act of the intense Uranus Pluto cosmic filtration process that launched into action around May 2012… By the 17th of this month Uranus and Pluto will have been met by a procession of luminaries who will deliver their final parting words, before squaring off for the last time and heading off on their respective paths, older, wiser, changed forever. It’s all beautifully orchestrated, with Mercury leaving Aquarius where it spent a long time looking for solutions and moving into Pisces where its time to start accepting, let go and heal. All of this is a planetary push, working alchemy with your attitudes and thoughts to rewire your new form. Saturn steps back into the Scorpio’s tail for a few months to fully transmute the poison and by March 21 – Equinox – the length of day and night is balanced, equal power for the sun and moon is reinforced by an eclipse in a sublime climax to this 3 years of cosmic churning, dying, birthing. There is no going back. In the wings, the whole event is witnessed by Neptune, the planet of imagination, hope and vision. As the velvet curtain comes down on this amazing time in history the eclipse activates a portal at the very last moment of Pisces, like a long smooth in-breath holding timelessly until it is full …and turning without effort into a long smooth exhale in the first few moments of Aries, the child, reborn anew.
Come and feel reborn at the Astrology Interest Group on March 11.
Held 6.30-8.30pm next Wednesday March 11th.
Venue: 4/5 Belford St. St Kilda
Cost: $20 Bring your birthchart or call Merryl on 0403020161 for details.
All welcome but please RSVP by text or email to  Merryl if you’re coming.
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