Hello All

Hope you all survived the Supermoon and are ready to explore its ripples in next Wednesday’s Astro group.
Apart from the Supermoon, coinciding with Jupiters move into Cancer for 12 months, the big theme this month is a delicious Grand trine. Its in action over the next 2 weeks with Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn all in water signs, forming a triangle.

This Grand Trine has echoes of a powerful planetary line up in 1987 – The Harmonic Convergence. It was a rare lineup of planets that formed a 6 pointed star out of 2 grand trines. It was seen in part as a gateway to the return of the Divine Feminine.

Since we last met, we have a new/old prime minister; Turkey, Greece, Egypt in uprising, Mercury is retrograde and Mars and Jupiter are together on July 20….much to play with!

See you next Wed at 6.30.

Remember to send a text if you think you are coming 0403020161

Love Merryl