by Merryl Key

BA Communications, Dip Health Sci (Hol Kines)


Astrological Kinesiology is a powerful new kinesiology technique that enables people to discover their natural gifts and talents by balancing and managing planetary energy. It was developed by experienced practioners Kerrie McFarlane and Merryl Key in response to a need to utelise the powerful affect of astrological and planterary energy in a practical and harmonious way. By working with astrological information, profound insights can be gleaned which assist in the understanding of physical conditions, emotional states, relationship issues and spiritual yearnings.  By integrating this with kinesiology, one can assist the client in removing blocks that may prohibit them from living to their full potential. Astrological Kinesiology has received international recognition with training being held in Germany later this year and other European cities in 2001. Introductory workshops continue to run in Australia, with the the next one sceduled in October this year.


Astrology has been widely used throughout history. In early Egyptian times the positions of various temples and pyramids were chosen due to the celestial positioning of constellations and planets. This was done so that the building (and those inside) could benefit as much as possible from the celestial ruler “in charge”. Ancient dream interpreters and healers consulted astronomers for the movement of the planets to give them insight into the possible cause of various maladies and disturbances. Druids of the Celtic tradition spent many years in their training studying the planetary movements before the title of “Druid” was bestowed upon them.


At one point, astronomers and astrologers were one. However, over time the two became quite distinct in their use of celestial movements and in their acceptance from the general public. Astronomy is now a science of celestial mechanics – mapping the movement of planets, constellations, asteroids and the like. Astrophysics has developed, which is a branch of Physics concerned with the physical and chemical properties of the celestial bodies. With the use of instruments such as the Hubble space telescope, space exploration has become an exciting and almost magical field where the boundaries of our reality are stretched beyond imagination.


Astrology is also concerned with the mapping of planetary movements, but from a perspective of how these movements affect individual and social trends. However, with increasing knowledge of how the energy from various planetary movements affects other planets, the boundaries between these two science streams are once again converging. The names of the planets and constellations are all based upon mythological characters from ancient times. Each planet is named after the following:

Mercury, the Roman messenger God

Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and agriculture

Mars, the Roman God of battle

Jupiter, the Roman sky God

Saturn, the Roman corn God – God of abundance

Uranus, the Greek God of sky and heaven

Neptune, the Roman God of water

Pluto, another name for Hades, the Greek God of the underworld


Astrology is steeped in mythology. Each of the planets and constellations have their own mythological archetypal pattern that they represent. These patterns are behaviours that we see repeated again and again throughout human evolution. Therefore, by understanding the patterns depicted in your own natal chart, you can begin to understand why you respond and act in the way that you do. Then you can discover the best way to deal with this energetic pattern.


Astrology is based upon astronomy. It is important to have an understanding of the planetary movements to work adequately with astrology. For instance, one needs to have knowledge of the positioning of the constellations to work out the ascendant, or rising sign. Indeed all the celestial positions within a natal chart are mapped out according to the position of planets in relationship to the constellations at the time of birth. Fortunately, today good ephemerises are relatively easy to obtain, and all the hard work has mostly been done for us. However, as with all learning, the stronger one?s grounding in the foundations of the topic being studied, the greater the insights available. It is for this reason that there is a strong emphasis on the actual physical characteristics and movements of the planets in this manual, as well as information on the mythological basis of the signs and planets.


Interpreting a natal chart has always been a rather intuitive activity. The bare facts of the mythological sequencing is there for the reading, but the application to the individual can be rather tricky. Each planet needs to be considered in relation to the other planets, houses, constellations, etc. This can make the study of astrology extremely complicated and time consuming. It is not enough to believe that you can know all about a person by their sun sign alone.


By integrating kinesiology into astrology, a lot of the guess work is taken out. It is possible then to know exactly where to start in the interpretation and to know what aspects of that sign or planet are mostly relevant to the individual. In Astrological Kinesiology, even more information is given by use of the ancient Chinese meridian system. It is possible to identify which planets, etc are influencing which meridians, and therefore the emotional and physical body. By mapping a natal chart to the meridians, one can access the various planetary positions: trines, oppositions, squares, etc. through the energetic/physical interface of the meridian and chakra system. This will be different for everybody, making it an incredibly unique and individual interpretation. By identifying this relationship, it is then possible to assist the body in its ability to handle these influences and manage any adversely affected planetary positions in the most positive way available.


Kinesiology is a fantastic tool with unlimited potential for its applications, and the synthesis of Astrology and Kinesiology is an exciting and original way of working with clients. Astrological Kinesiology opens the door to some very practical methods of using planetary energy in a positive and harmonious way and helps develop an understanding of the deep psychological motivations and reoccurring patterns that cause physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conflict.



For further information about Astrological Kinesiology, please call  Merryl Key on 0403 0201 61. Training in Astrological Kinesiology will be held in Melbourne on October 20-23 2000.


Merryl Key is an experienced Kinesiology practioner with a BA in Communications and a Diploma in Health Sciences (Holistic Kinesiology). Her interest in astrology and tarot spans a twenty year period and together with Kerrie McFarlane, she is the co-developer of Astrological Kinesiology, using kinesiology techniques to harness and maximise planetary energy. She has an enthusiastic approach to her work and enjoys teaching and presenting. Merryl’s other areas of professional interest include research into the healing use of sound vibration, breath work and expertise in working with people with drug dependency issues.


Kerrie McFarlane also has a Diploma in Health Sciences (Holistic Kinesiology) and is the co-author of some of the most exciting research and techniques in Kinesiology today, including Chakra Hologram, Astrological Kinesiology and Energetic Kinesiology for Professionals (EKP). She is a kinesiology instructor and presenter of international repute and continues to research and develop new kinesiology techniques particularly in the areas of dreams, sleep disorders and chakras.



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Published In Touch, Australian Kinesiology Association of Australia, July 2000