The full Moon Monday night (in Australia) is in practical Virgo, but beautifully supported by other planets backing up her analysis and allowing some commonsense to prevail. Mars, Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto are in Capricorn, very responsive to finding a solution, being more flexible with routines and expectations, even able to pitch in and be charitable. The energies are all Earth/Water element, bringing the focus to security, relationships, resources, supplies and connections. There is a feminine power of resilience and adaptability with this Moon, and she is ready for new solutions, to get organised and be of service, to make sacrifice for a common good.
Opposite the Moon, the Sun and Neptune have aligned in Pisces, and this brings something special – rare, different, unusual. A wow factor. It’s like a kaleidoscope that shifts all the patterns and colours around until they click into place. Senses are heightened, timing is magical, reality opens a glimpse of the dream life – and the Virgo Moon is able to mind-map the whole vision into a subconscious spreadsheet programmed to manifest. This is a perfect time to meditate, set your altar and cast spells – Virgo is a moon that loves ritual and the sense of creating order out of chaos – and the energy is very pure and clean.
The Water/ Earth theme has a sense of finding a balance between vision and reality, and Ceres (Earth Mother) in Aquarius and Juno (Queen of Heavens ) in Libra are including an element of law and justice. They are also plugged in to the Capricorn stellium and this Moon phase may see important work being done on contracts, agreements, court cases and decisions. This is a good time to make global agreements about protecting the Earth and cutting carbon emissions, renegotiate your child care arrangements, or just get on top of your budget and health.
Uranus and Venus have merged in Taurus. They are at crosshairs with Pluto and Saturn in Cap and Mercury is station direct, caught in their range but not ready to move until the air has been cleared. tbh, no one’s really happy with this one  – it signifies endings, closures and some disruption at work. It could also involve loans, property disputes and settlements, joint finances, changes in established corporations or work practice.
But as Mercury turns direct, a rush of Aquarian encouragement comes with it – intellectual debate, new technology and innovation, radical plans.  By the next new Moon, Saturn will also be dabbling it’s toe in Aquarius. On temporary leave from Capricorn for 4 month, Saturn will be exploring new frameworks and structures and investing in the future. But don’t count on plans keeping the same form until the end of the year when the serious backing comes. It’s a tense arrangement because Saturn wants to restrict, and Aquarius wants freedom, but if they work together (and that’s the cosmic aim) the shared experience could be a powerful collaboration of progressive governance, experience and innovation, or global responsibility becoming “a thing”.
More flashing lights, Lilith and Chiron are together and down to business, in a position to make an impact, implement a plan, or open the door on some inconvenient truth. Lilith holds the knowledge of equality. She was created the same time as ‘first man’ Adam, but from different materials. Adam was made from the dust of the earth and Lilith from the  silt of the river. Same but different. Chiron was a shaman, herbalist, astrologer, mentor.. and also an outcast centaur without a tribe, an immortal soul in a wounded physical body.
Here they are together in straight-shooting Aries, at the midpoint of the karmic Nodal axis in Cancer/Capricorn. This puts their archetypal power into the fuse box of the collective, filtering right down to the human level of how we treat each other here on Earth, how we deal with ‘difference’, and where we get the balance wrong. Lilith and Chiron both suffered horrible pain and injustice, but they remained authentic, curious and compassionate, turning wounds into strength, embracing diversity and sharing their knowledge with others. We are being asked to stretch our version of reality, power and ‘normal’, and get a broader, wholistic view of a world with more equal terms. There is an important ethical dilemma to confront, and over the course of the year, the Lilith/Chiron influence will keep it on the agenda.
Virgo Moons are a time to ‘tidy your house’ and get organised. They bring out a quality of decision-making and discernment, and in simple terms – the necessity to purge and cleanse. We are being shown something that prepares us for the future, and the logic behind it is sound. It all depends on which end of the kaleidoscope your looking through to see if you can grasp the patterns emerging and the possibilities opening up. From confusion comes clarity. It’s time to get the house in order.