The Astrology Interest Group is meeting next Wednesday, 6.30 – 8.30 the 13th of November.

This month we’ve had an eclipse on the new moon in Scorpio linking up with Saturn, marking the pagan celebration of Beltane and shaking off some of the tension thats been building. Spring is in the air, the days are longer, the sun is stronger and the mood has shifted. We are still in the midst of Mercury retrograde and in the lead up to the full moonNovember 18, the moon will join up with Uranus to form a square with Pluto and Venus.

This could mean good news for some, a resolution or reconciliation, magic coincidence and divine timing are all on the list, but you might not like everything that pops up..if you’ve ignored the warning signs, it may feel like all the bats have come home to roost…

See you Wednesday to hear more. As always, we meet 6.30 – 8.30pm at the Waldorf Building, 7/155 Fitzroy St. St Kilda on Wed Oct 9th – all welcome but just send me a text or email if you think you are coming.
The cost is $20 and you are guaranteed to have a laugh and learn something new. Bring a friend, and your birthchart – tea and biscuits provided.

If you have any questions or don’t have a birthchart, text me with your details.

See you Wednesday evening!
Love Merryl