Wishing you a peaceful, enlightening and joyous festival time.

Thanks for the great year in the Astro Group and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.Our first session  in 2014 will be Wednesday February the 12th. From then on, the second Wednesday of the month as usual

Since we’re not having a session in January, I thought I’d pass on these great tips from some of the group that help set your focus and intentions for 2014 as we move into the Year of the Green/ Wooden Horse.

The first comes from Carly (and Rose)

Make an astrological mind map for the year: Draw a circle with 12 segments representing the astrological houses. Write the things you would like to achieve in each segment. For example, your 3rd house plans might be to ride your bike to work or study something (maybe move on from study..), 10th house plan might be to get a promotion or present your work to others.
Here is a very basic guide to the Houses.
1st house: Ruled by Aries – the self
2nd house: Ruled by Taurus – resources, the body
3rd house: Ruled by Gemini – communication, learning, the mind
4th house: Ruled by Cancer- home, domestics, feelings.
5th house: Ruled by Leo – self expression, creativity
6th house: Ruled by Virgo – daily activity, work, health, self care
7th house: Ruled by  Libra – relationships, balance, art
8th house: Ruled by Scorpio – birth/ death/rebirth. Money, taxes.
9th house: Ruled by Sagittarius – higher learning, travel, culture, spirit.
10th house: Ruled by Capricorn – Recognition in the outer world, career
11th house: Ruled by Aquarius – community, friendships, networks
12th house: Ruled by Pisces – Inner worlds, prayer, mystery, faith

Now you have an overview of your goals and could even compare your diagram to your birthchart because the planets in each house can help you get what you want if you use the energy.The second gift is from Raquel – a beautiful ‘checklist’ called ‘Unravelling’ to let go of one year and enter the next. It’s by Susannah Conway, free to share.  PDF below or go to the link

Bless you all, thanks again for the wonderful insights and sharing that has come from the group.

See you all Wednesday February 12th.

Peace Love Unity Respect