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Astrological Kinesiology


Use kinesiology to integrate planetary cycles, making the most of positive aspects and balancing challenging energies to cultivate your full potential.

Astrological Kinesiology is an original and practical kinesiology technique that uses meridians and astrology to balance the influence of cosmic cycles directly on the body.

It was developed in Australia in 2000 by kinesiologists, Merryl Key and Kerrie McFarlane in response to a need to harness the powerful affect of astrological and planterary energy in a practical and harmonious way. Being balanced to astrological influence accesses insight into natural gifts and talents and supports your path to develop these resources.

The birth – or natal chart, is a  highly individualised mandala that maps the movement and position of the planets to the specific time and place of an individuals first breath in this lifetime on earth. By working with astrological information, profound insights can be revealed which assist in the understanding of physical conditions, emotional states, relationship issues and spiritual yearnings.  Astrological Kinesiology integrates this information directly with the physical/energetic interface of the body, assisting the client in removing blocks that may prohibit them from living to their full potential. Astrological Kinesiology is fully accredited by the Australian Kinesiology Association and has been taught to other practitioners in Europe and Australia.

Astrological Kinesiology has been used to help clients overcome fear in times of change, and with problems such as asserting self expression, time management difficulties, seeking a satisfying career path, expressing creativity and reoccurring relationship and communication problems. It has also been used to help clients deal with difficult health issues such as allergies, depression and drug addiction and the traumatic experience of child sex abuse. Healers working in the area of past lives have found Astrological Kinesiology a useful mechanism to interact directly with the bodies’ physical structure through the karmic information in the natal chart. It has the effect of reducing stress around very intense emotions and reactions that have become habitual because the underlying core motivations are held in astrological archetypal patterns ingrained from birth.

Published in Spheres The Spirit Guide, Issue 2, April 2003

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