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Holistic Kinesiology

Bring Balance, confidence and wellbeing back into your life, relationships and decisions with Holistic Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a holistic, drug-free method of treatment that specifically accesses and releases stress on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. It combines elements of anatomy, physiology, chiropractic and psychology with Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, meridians and chakras. The treatment involves a simple brain feed-back test, called a muscle monitor, where the kinesiologist uses a muscle in your arm or leg to determine where you are holding stress, and then clears and reframes the ‘out of balance’ response between the mind and body. This is a is a gentle, non-invasive and powerful approach to healing that can have you living free from pain and open to your full potential.  

The result is renewed vigour, clarity and confidence on every level.


Holistic Kinesiology can increase your concentration and focus, help you overcome fears and step up to challenges. Many clients find Kinesiology beneficial during times of change, offering effective and drug-free relief from pain, chronic conditions and illness. Holistic Kinesiology can also help you with:

  • Muscular aches and pains;
  • Fertility and hormonal imbalances;
  • Treating the after-effects of accidents, abuse and trauma including PTSD;
  • Promoting clarity of thought and decision-making;
  •  Maximising potential and improving performance on all levels;
  •  Relief from chronic pain and long-standing conditions such as depression, anxiety and addictions; and
  •  Learning difficulties.
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“Kinesiology, literally the study of body movement, encompasses holistic health disciplines which use gentle manual muscle testing to monitor information about a person’s well being. It originated in the 1960′s combining western techniques with Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health. Kinesiology identifies factors which block the body’s natural healing process. These dysfunctions are rectified by attention to reflex and acupressure points, the use of specific body movements and nutritional support. Kinesiology can relieve pain, stress, muscular and nervous disorders; detect allergies and nutritional deficiencies; assist with psychological and learning problems, stimulate energies and release untapped potential”.

Libby Lester March 21 1998, The Age


 ” I really believe Kinesiology can give you the courage and energy to face change and move forward in life with confidence.”

My passion for kinesiology was really helped along by some inspiring teachers. Almost twenty years ago I was lucky enough to do my Diploma training with Dr Charles Krebs (Author of A Revolutionary Way of Thinking: From a Near Fatal Accident to a New Science of Healing) whose own remarkable life journey snatched him from a career in science and lead him to develop some of the best primary research on kinesiology, learning disabilities, multi – sensory integration, brain feedback and muscle response. Here he retells his amazing story and explains how kinesiology works.”


Merryl Key is St Kilda’s most experienced Kinesiologist with almost 20 years as a professional consultant. Her training covers many of the major streams of Kinesiology including App Phys; PKP; 3in1; Energetic Kinesiology and Touch for Health teacher training. She has a Diploma in Health Sciences (Hol Kin), a BA Communications (Media Studies), a Certificate of App Astrology and a Certificate in Animal Healing Therapies.


What others are saying about Merryl’s Holistic Kinesiology treatments:

“About five years ago, at my wits end with an injury that wasn’t coming good through traditional medicine, a friend recommended I see Merryl.  At the time I had never even heard of Kinesiology, however I was in so much pain I was prepared to give it a go.  Well, the experience has been life changing and I have now been pain free for many years.  I still get a ‘tune up’ occasionally and she always manages to very quickly get right to the core of what’s going on.  Merryl is compassionate, non judgmental, kind, caring and incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in her field.  I have recommended her to numerous people, who have also been very happy to have seen her.  So if you are looking for a Kinesiologist, don’t hesitate in contacting Merryl.  She’s the best!”


Contact Merryl Key for an appointment

or Skype consultation on (+61) 0403020161.


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