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Animal Healing and Energy work

Merryl Key is a trained animal healer and Holistic Kinesiologist with an intuitive gift for working with animals and understanding their health issues and concerns. Merryl incorporates kinesiology, acupressure, aculight treatments, flower essences and more in her Animal Healing sessions and has had great results helping pets (and their families) achieve holistic health, happiness and confidence.

“.. forgot to tell u mr benson has not been sick once since I saw u xx”


Merryl understands animals are sensitive and can get depressed and anxious just like you! Consider the holistic health of the animals in your care to help them overcome stress such as:

  • Separation anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Reactive or obsessive behaviour;
  • Bereavement and palliative care; and
  • Difficulties adjusting to changes in the environment.


An Animal Healing consultation with Merryl can help your pet with all sorts of aches, pains, and illness including arthritis and hip dysplasia, kidney ailments, socialisation issues, and recovery from broken bones and surgery. These are natural, drug-free treatments that help you care for your pet when they need you most – wherever you are in the world.

Do the best you can for your pet. Contact Merryl to arrange an Animal Healing session.


What others are saying about Merryl’s Animal Healing Kinesiology:

“Hi Merryl, here’s Huckle update- after our skype session yesterday he stayed glued to the same spot on the cattree for another 8 hours. This was a change to his usual routine.  Once he finally moved he nibbled on a few biscuits out of his bowl in the kitchen. It was now early evening and he came outside and wandered through the garden. He then did a few careful short dashes across the lawn like he was testing his legs. After 8pm it’s couch time for him. He jumped on to his spot a little more agile than he normally does,  so that’s great! Xx

A week later..

“Hi Merryl, Josef and I are convinced that Huckle showed quite an improvement in his movement after your Skype therapy, and I followed it up as best I could 3 days later rubbing the acupoints like you showed me. He is running and playing more and jumps better on to the couch and bed. Yay!”


“Hi Merryl just want to let you know the cats responded really well to our treatment yesterday!!! When I got up this morning, Shadow (the shy one) was amazing – she came in ahead of Scaldy and came straight up to me and rubbed on my legs. Scaldy hung back a bit so we went to the lounge room and I played with Shadow for at least 20 minutes while Scaldy happily sat back. I was able to put 2 drops of flower essence on Shadow’s head but I was also able to rub it into her fur. Thank you. It’s really helped.”J.H.



*While not a replacement for professional Veterinary advice, Animal Healing sessions are holistic and support other jtreatments your pet may be having such as medication, dietary supplements or veterinary treatments.


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