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Online Consultations with Merryl Key

Merryl has a vision to provide healing for all people- both in person, and via distance. She has made it easier for people to connect with her, and to get in touch with themselves, through online sessions via Skype, Google Hangouts or Viber.



What to Expect

Much like your consult with Merryl in person, you can discover the same results- such as decreased stress and anxiety, and increase in clarity and vision- now  in the comfort of your own home or office.

Together online, Merryl will use techniques such as use of acupressure points, muscle testing, flower essences and colour-puncture. She will work with you by understanding the root of your problems and clearing blockages you may be holding within your body.

Merryl can offer a range of services to you online including:

Astrology Consulations
Colour Puncture
Tarot Card Readings

Contact Merryl on 0403 020 161 to find out more.

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