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Course dates and times are listed below. However, contact Merryl for up-to-date information about when current courses are being held; and read recent news about classes.


Tarot Classes

Tarot Reading

Join us.. discover yourself, decipher the future. Learn the art of Tarot with Merryl Key  February 8 2016.

Learn Tarot with Merryl Key

Learn to read the Tarot and understand its symbols, stories and hidden meanings in this creative & informative series. Over 6 weeks you will form a trusted connection to your own intuitive voice and develop your ability to read your cards with confidence.

Begin your journey of self-discovery now
Contact Merryl on 0403020161, merrylkey@gmail.com or www.merrylkey.com

I have been reading tarot since 1979 and still love the ritual of shuffling the deck and turning over the cards to see how they will respond to my query. I truely believe Tarot can:
• Clarify your position
• Guide your next move
• Reveal practical & profound insights
• Answer your questions

We will blend information, meditation, creativity and personal reflection to get into the essence of the tarot and how to interpret its symbols, recognise its archetypal personalities and allow the cards to speak their story.

You will receive worksheets to help you continue your self discovery between classes and there will be lots of group and individual readings, layouts for every need and occasion and shared tips and experience.

Learn this wonderful language and see what the cards reveal for you.

What others are saying:
“Thank you Merryl for such a beautifully insightful start to your 2015 Tarot series. I feel so tuned in already and excited for the following sessions…Loving exploring these cards intuitively”

Monday Fortnights 6.30pm – 9 pm
$350 for 6 classes

Starts Monday Feburary 8 2016
Feb 8, Feb 22, March 7, March 21, April 4, April 18

At Belford Street Holistic Therapies
4/5 Belford Street St Kilda

Call Merryl Key Now on 0403020161
or www.merrylkey.com for more info
Merryl Key Kinesiology Facebook

Contact Merryl for details or Read Here for More Details

Astrological Interest Group


Monthly gatherings to inspire your interest in Astrology

Held 2nd Wednesday of the Month

6.30 – 8.30pm ‘The Waldorf’ 4/5 Belford Street St Kilda. Vic . 3183

From tracing your own birthchart, to looking at the influence of the planets on current events, astrology draws you onto a path of self-discovery regardless of being a beginner or seasoned practitioner. These monthly gatherings provide a relaxed and friendly space to learn, share, discuss and bring to life this fascinating subject.

The evening is facilitated by experienced astrologer and kinesiologist, Merryl Key who believes astrology is a wonderful, accessible resource that delivers practical life skills and a map revealing your true purpose.

Held 6.30-8.30pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
Cost: $20 
Bring your birthchart.
Dates 2013: Wed May 8; Wed June 12; Wed July 10; Wed August 14; Wed Sept11; Wed October 9; Wed Nov 13; Wed Dec 11
Contact Merryl for details


Introduction to Ritual Practice


A  6 week course of rituals aimed at building a practical understanding of how to use the Laws of Energy and cycles of nature to create and perform your own ceremonies. With an emphasis on nature-based spirituality, the course includes creating sacred space, elemental correspondences, focus and intention, moon cycles and seasonal rituals.

Held fortnightly over 12 weeks.
Contact Merryl for details


Rediscover Your Resourcefulness

Moving through difficult times with joy


“The basis of life is freedom 
The purpose of life is joy
The result of life is growth
– Abraham. www.abraham-hicks.com

There is so much of life to love but we are often pulled away from joyfully expressing our true selves. The resources that enrich our lives and bring joy are abundantly available and accessible to everyone – even in difficult times.

The Rediscover your Resourcefulness course will assist you in manifesting what you want through the expression of joy, acceptance and compassion.

Rediscover your Resourcefulness offers you the space, skills and support to cultivate personal resourcefulness through meditation, mindfullness, body awareness, stream of consciousness writing, humour, life principles and discussion.

This course will help you find resources to

•           decrease stress

•           reduce anxiety, depression and pain

•           improve clarity and memory

•           improve performance and decision making

•           open your heart and live joyfully


Jacqueline McLeod

Jacqueline’s life long passion for self development lead her to being a health professional clinician and then study Tarot, Astrology and other psychological, spiritual and alternative health subjects.  She is a great resource as she aspires to live a healthy life from a wholistic perspective: physical/emotional/ spiritual/mental/ creative. Jacqueline also has access to and is in contact with resourceful professionals in various fields of expertise. Her life purpose is to assist in achieving a balanced society by empowering the feminine in women and men.  She has an on-going interest in painting and creativity and has a studio and learning space overlooking a beautiful garden in Sandringham. Contact Jacqueline  dancingpentacle@hotmail.com

Merryl Key

Merryl Key is a Melbourne-based Holistic Kinesiologist and instructor with years of experience and a passion for working with energy fields. She has more than thirty years experience in tarot and astrological readings, taught advanced methods of kinesiology in Europe and Australia and facilitates workshops in Astrology and Spiritual Development. Merryl is very attentive and works with wide experience, practical knowledge, warmth and a sense of humour to encourage self-empowerment and personal development.

The Rediscover your Resourcefulness course is available for individuals, couples, small groups or as a runs for 6 x 2 hour sessions weekly
Contact Merryl for details

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