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New Tarot classes starting in 2018

Tarot classes in 2018- 6 week course “Language is originally and essentially nothing but a system of signs or symbols, which denote real occurrences, or their echo in the human soul.”     CARL JUNG, Psychology of the Unconscious You will: •  train your eye to understand the story behind […]

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Astrology Interest Group – New Start time 7pm

It’s written in the stars Want to learn more about Astrology? How do the planets conspire to push and prod you to reveal your true gifts and full potential? Does it ever stop? We have a regular Astrological Interest Group meeting 7.00 – 8.30pm 2nd Wednesday each […]

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Dr Charles Krebs, Teacher and Inspiration

My passion for kinesiology was really helped along by some inspiring teachers. Almost twenty years ago I was lucky enough to do my Diploma training with Dr Charles Krebs (Author of A Revolutionary Way of Thinking: From a Near Fatal Accident to a New Science of Healing) whose own […]

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Astro Group on Wed night! Dec 9

Hey Ho Astro Group! Its our last meet-up of the year, but stay tuned for a massive 2016 with our regular monthly Astrology Group being joined by The Monday Sessions – a year long program of inspired and thought-provoking evenings held Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s at […]

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November AIG, 2015

Have you ever wondered when your career will take off, why you feel doomed to repeat certain relationship patterns or how to discover your true purpose? Astrology is a bridge between psychology and science and it’s heaps of fun to talk about and discover what makes things […]

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October AIG 2015

The October Astrological Interest Group meets again on Wednesday 14th, taking in the birthing energy of the Libran new moon the night before. This week blossoms with the opportunity to turn your focus to love and forgiveness. The reflection time offered by Mercury’s retrograde path has sifted through your […]

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July AIG

If you’ve seen the the two bright golden orbs dangling from the Moon in the last few weeks, you have scoped in on Jupiter and Venus making a glittering alignment in Leo. They’ve been lighting the sky in the early evenings, lifting spirits and urging you to […]

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June AIG

June is full of Neptunian waves with the tide turning inward as we approach Solstice predawn June 22. Ceres, Neptune and Chiron all retrace their steps this month giving time to nourish the soul. They pull us in like a siren’s song to meet with our true nature so […]

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March AIG

Astrology Interest Group meets next Wednesday March 11 The stage is set for the Final Act of the intense Uranus Pluto cosmic filtration process that launched into action around May 2012… By the 17th of this month Uranus and Pluto will have been met by a procession of luminaries who […]

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February AIG

Astrology Interest Group meets 6.30-8.30 next Wed February 11th. Make a wish. We are lucky in February. Even as tension builds for the final Uranus/ Pluto resolution in March, we have not one, but 2 new moons in Aquarius to point out inspired solutions and an equal […]

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